Opportunities at John Jay

John Jay College, founded in 1964, is a preeminent national and international leader in educating for justice – a broadly envisioned educational experience embracing social, economic, political, and criminal justice. John Jay is unique in its mission, preparing students to build and sustain just societies by using their talents to make a difference for themselves and others. John Jay students learn how to transform their ideas into social action and leadership through rigorous course work, research, internships, community service, and other learning experiences. As a result of a John Jay education, graduates gain the skills and knowledge to become fierce advocates for justice in their communities, across the nation and throughout the world. To learn more about John Jay College, visit the John Jay website and schedule a campus tour by emailing admissions@jjay.cuny.edu.

Programs We Offer

John Jay offers both undergraduate and graduate degrees. In addition to offering majors in criminal justice, forensic science, forensic financial analysis, and many other disciplines, John Jay offers minors in Law, Security Management, and other disciplines, as well as certificates in Dispute Resolution and Spanish Legal Translation and Interpretation. Minors and Certificates are a great way to distinguish yourself from others when you apply for your first job.

Explore and choose academic and professional opportunities

It is not just classwork that defines who you are and what you are interested in; you can learn as much from internships, volunteer experiences, and through doing service. At John Jay you’ll have access to professional opportunities, academic resources, and SASP Transfer Student Programs.