Academic Planning

Your Four Year Academic Plan

In order to save time and money, plan your coursework to complete your associate and bachelor’s degrees using these customized 4-Year Academic Plans. Select your major and school below to see the courses you need to take at your campus and then John Jay to complete your associate degree and bachelor’s degree.

Your Four Year Academic Plan
Find Your Advisement Plan:

In addition, review the requirements for your degree, including prerequisites (courses you are required to take before taking another course). Degree Works is an online advisement tool you can use on your own to check which requirements you’ve met. (Go to the CUNY portal click on Student Advisement/ Degree Audit (Degree Works).

Here are some tips to make sure you are on track to complete both your associate degree and bachelor’s degree in four years:

  • Get skill-certified in reading, writing, and math as soon as possible. To learn how to become skill certified, including by passing CUNY Assessment Tests or specific courses, see How to demonstrate CUNY skills certification. To develop these skills, use the tutoring or learning centers at your community college and these online resources.
  • Aim to earn 30 credits per year. Enrolling in 15 credits for the fall and spring will save you money and get you closer to graduation. If your work or other commitments make it difficult to take five courses a semester, take courses during the winter and summer sessions
  • Ensure you are in good academic standing: Meet regularly with your community college advisor to make sure you are meeting graduation requirements. In your final semester, talk to your John Jay CJA advisor (select your campus on the right to find your advisor) to make sure you are eligible to transition.

Keep a strong GPA. Make use of the library and tutoring centers at your community college. For help with reading textbooks, research and writing, as well as content and vocabulary in sociology and criminal justice classes, go to John Jay E-Resource Center


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