Opportunities at John Jay

Connect With Resourses

Students who connect to resources like advising and tutoring are better prepared not only in college, but for their future careers. Take advantage of the many free resources available to students in the Justice Academy and at John Jay College.

While you’re at your community college
  • Get advice about completing your coursework in a timely manner and get answers to your questions about the CJA program.
    Email your CJA campus advisor. Select your school on the right to contact your advisor.
  • Be prepared for the CUNY Assessment Tests in Reading and Writing, improve your writing skills, and get help with CRJ 101 and SOC 101.
    Visit our online tutoring center (E-Resource Center)
The semester before you come to John Jay
  • Get advice about which courses to take in your first semester so you’re on track to graduate on time.
    Make an appointment with your CJA Campus Advisor. Select your school on the right to contact your advisor.
  • Get connected with other transfer students and an in-class peer mentor to help you navigate your first semester.
    Take a section of John Jay’s required 300-level course for transfer students.
    If you are interested in enrolling, ask an academic advisor when you are registering at John Jay.
While you are at John Jay
  • Find information about all the resources available to you at John Jay College as a transfer student.
    Visit the Transfer Student Success Page
  • Get detailed information about all the resources available for students at John Jay.
    Visit the Current Students page on the John Jay website.
    Look into our free Academic Tutoring Services to help you excel in your courses.
Academic Resources
Academic Advisement Center

Help with course selection and academic & career goals.
L.73NB | 646.557.4872

Alan Siegel Writing Center

Individual and group tutoring in writing as well as ESL support.
1.68NB | 212.237.8569

Loyd Sealy Library

Reference desk provides individual assistance with database searches and catalogue use; drop-in workshops.
899 10th Ave (T-Building) | 212.237.8246

Math & Science Resource Center

Small-group tutoring.
1.94NB | msrc@jjay.cuny.edu | 646.557.4635

Modern Language Center

Individual and small-group tutoring for students enrolled in any foreign language.
7.64NB | languagelab@jjay.cuny.edu | 212.484.1140

SASP Peer Success Coaching

Individualized support to help students identify their personal, academic, and professional goals and create a personalized plan to reach them.
Nancy Yang | L2.76NB | 646.557.4422


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