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Transfer Student Success Programming

SASP Transfer Student Programs

Getting to know a new campus, new curriculum, new friends, new faculty and staff, all while going to school can be a challenge. It is important that you get yourself connected to resources offered at John Jay as early as possible. There are many ways to get involved at John Jay, and you can start early.

  • Register for a Transfer Transition Seminar

    Transfer Transition Seminars are special sections of a required upper-level Justice Core courses reserved for first-semester transfer students at John Jay. Selected faculty have experience working with transfer students, and each section is assigned a transfer peer mentor—a current John Jay student who has transferred in the past and can help you through the transition.
    Learn more about Transfer Transition Seminars.

  • Attend the CUNY Justice Academy Meet and Greet

    When you are in your last semester at your community college, and you confirm your transition to John Jay, you are invited to attend our CUNY Justice Academy Meet and Greet. At this CJA welcome event you’ll have an opportunity to connect with other transfer students and meet with representatives from programs offering internships, post-graduate opportunities, academic resources, and more.

  • Come to Transfer Student Orientation and Attend Weeks of Welcome Events

    At Transfer Student Orientation, you are formally re-introduced to John Jay. As a Justice Academy Student, you may already have some familiarity with John Jay, but attending an Orientation can help to connect you formally to important resources and opportunities available to you. In addition, over the course of the first weeks of the fall semester, new students are invited to many different events. These range student club and organization exposes to introductions to different offices at the College. Check your email for Fall Weeks of Welcome Events.

  • Transfer Student Welcome: Speed Networking for Success

    At the beginning of each semester, SASP has a special networking event for all new transfer students. Tat Transfer Speed Networking you’ll meet face-to-face with representatives from programs offering scholarships, internships, and other career and academic opportunities. You'll also have an opportunity to connect with other transfer students at John Jay and meet the transfer student peer mentors. Learn about Transfer Speed Networking.

  • Transfer Advantage

    Transfer Advantage is a weekly workshop series offered each semester to help students prepare for special academic and professional opportunities that they can take advantage of the following semester. Selected students will get connected to internship, research, scholarship, and other special opportunities as well as one-on-one support with applications. Learn about Transfer Advantage.

  • Connect to an Academic Advisor

    By the time you transition to John Jay, you may already know a CJA advisor from your community college advisement center. We encourage you to visit the Academic Advisement Center as much as necessary to make sure you know the Curriculum, policies and procedures at John Jay.

  • Connect to a transfer peer mentor

    Peer mentors are experienced students who can help you adjust to the new environment at John Jay, and let you know about resources and opportunities. The transfer club is a great way to connect to and learn from other students. To learn more about transfer peer mentors visit:

  • Learn about and use our free Academic Tutoring Services

    John Jay College offers free tutoring at the Writing Center, the Math and Science Resource Center, and the Foreign Language Lab.
    Find out more about Academic Tutoring Services