Academic Planning

There is a lot that goes into earning your CUNY Justice Academy associate degree, successfully transitioning to John Jay, and preparing for a future career. Plan ahead now by using the academic resources below.

  • Your 4-Year Academic Plan. Plan your coursework to complete your associate degree and bachelor’s degree using these customized 4-Year Academic Plans.
  • Majors and Minors. Explore John Jay’s majors and minors to find the BEST fit for you! Choose the courses that match your interests and future academic and career goals.
  • Success Strategies. Start using these strategies like goal setting, time management and note-taking for academic success. 

Advising Resources

As a CUNY Justice Academy student, use the following advising resources at your campus and John Jay to help track your progress and meet your post-graduate academic and professional goals.

  • Your Community College Advisor. During your first two years, you should meet with your ASAP or community college advisor at least once a semester to ensure you are taking the right courses to earn your associate degree. Follow these links for academic advising at your campus:
  • Your John Jay CJA Advisor. When you are ready to transition in your final semester, you should meet with a CJA Advisor (choose your campus on the right to find your CJA Advisor) from John Jay assigned to your campus. Schedule an appointment to ensure that you are on track to transition and earn your bachelor’s degree.


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