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Example of an Outline for a Research Paper

The following is a sample outline for the research paper Love and Romance: A Biochemical Approach by Cornelia Preda. Click here to see the full research paper (this will open as a PDF file).

Love and Romance: A Biochemical Approach

Purpose: to detail the biochemical activity associated with sexual desire, romance, attachment and unrequited love and to report on interactions among them.
I. Sexual Desire – the craving for sexual gratification
   A. Evolved to initiate the mating process
   B. Linked to elevated testosterone
       1. Testosterone experiment on men
       2. Testosterone experiment on women
   C. Linked to pheromones
II. Romantic Love – exhausting obsessive euphoria
    A. Evolved to facilitate mate choice
    B. Linked to elevated dopamine levels
        1. Bartels' experiment
        2. Fisher’s experiment
    C. Linked to low serotonin levels
        1. Survey on obsessive thinking in lovers
        2. Marazziti’s OCD experiment
    D. Interaction between serotonin and dopamine
        1. Serotonin-enhancing antidepressants deplete dopamine in animals
        2. Serotonin-enhancing antidepressants dull romantic feelings 
    E. Interaction between dopamine and testosterone
        1. Dopamine drives up testosterone/sexual desire
        2. Sexual desire/testosterone does not always generate romantic feelings
 III. Attachment – emotional union of committed couples 
       A.. Evolved to ensure that a couple bonds long enough to raise children
       B. Linked to elevated oxytocin and vasopressin
           1. Female vole experiment
           2. Male vole experiment
      C. Chemical interaction of attachment and sexual desire
      D. Chemical interaction of attachment and romance
IV. Unrequited Love – agony of rejection
      A. Manifests as separation anxiety
      B. Manifests as rage abandonment
Conclusion: chemical approach is associative and cannot unravel the mystery of love.
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