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Introduction to Exercise 4 - Sentences with there is / there are
Grammar Explanation

•  When there is a long noun phrase, identify the base noun and make sure it agrees with the verb. Remember that noun phrases that begin with one of take a singular verb.
  • Example: The failure of the government to pass fair labor laws has allowed businesses to exploit workers.
  • Example: One of the challenges faced by government officials is preventing further terrorist attacks.
•  When a sentence begins with the structure there + BE, the verb BE agrees with the noun that follows it.
  • Example: There was no response from the union regarding salary increases.
  • Example: There are many questions that need to be looked into regarding the September 11 attacks.
•  When two subjects are connected with either … or, or neither … nor, the verb agrees with the subject that is nearest to it.
  • Example: Neither the government nor the unions protect workers' rights.
  • Example: Neither the unions nor the government protects workers' rights.
•  When the subject of a sentence is a gerund (verb + ing), the verb that follows is singular.
  • Example: Lobbying is one of the techniques used by corporations to influence policies and labor laws.
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What You Will Do

The following passages contain mistakes with subject-verb agreement. Click on the word or phrase that contains the mistake. When you click, a box will appear. Type the correct word or phrase in this box and then click the INSERT button. When you have finished making all the corrections, click DONE to compare WHAT YOU WROTE with WHAT WE WROTE.
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